What I learned from sharing my horse

When I took on a Highland pony a few months back, the opportunity to share Bo came up. I thought at the time it would be a useful thing to do both because I had another horse to ride and because my fiancé and I are planning to emigrate and so having someone set up for Bo next year sounded useful.

I did the share for a couple of months but due to multiple reasons I decided to end it (nothing to do with the sharer- she was so so lovely!). Sharing a horse is not something I have ever done before and so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I did learn many things from the experience though which I would like to share.

Bo and I are very in tune

It’s not until you see someone else working with your horse that you realise how absolutely in tune you are with your horse. At least, that’s certainly true for my case. I’ve had Bo for around 10 years and I know him inside and out. I know his little quirks and I know how to deal with every single thing he throws at me. I have noticed how we move around each other and how we respond to one another through this process and it has been a lovely realisation. I’d hope everyone could feel the level of connection I feel to Bo, nothing beats it.

I have a specific way I listen to horses

Everyone has their own way I suppose, but for me I have realised how important it is to me that I listen to my horse. He has subtle ways of telling me things and now I just know what to look for, even with other horses. I found I take a questioning approach to working with horses. When my sharer would be bringing him in and riding, I would wonder about how Bo is and what mood he was in. I see a lot of people not listening, not noticing or simply just not paying attention. Whereas now, I realise that I automatically analyse Bo when I bring him in. Is he sound? Is he irritable? Is he sluggish or spooky today? I do all this without really noticing but it’s not until I have to explain his many moods to someone else that I found I can identify them without really thinking about them too much.

I’m not sure how well I’d cope with not having a horse

For a while, I have questioned whether I want to take a break or not when my fiancé and I emigrate which is in our plans next year. I have gone back and forward but this whole experience has made me appreciate the time I have with my horse. Sometimes, we take it for granted and we just do it because it needs to be done without appreciating just how amazing it is to have a wonderful horse of your own.

Have you ever shared a horse before? What is your experience with it? Let me know in the comments or over on my Instagram @bbequines.

Happy Horsing!

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