Pony Life Updates

I’ve taken a little break from blogging and pretty much everything to do with social media recently. I can’t even put a finger on why. I guess when I returned back to school for my NQT (newly qualified teacher) year, things have just been busy and a little all over the place.

I gave Ghillie back to his owner at the end of August for a number of reasons, though none through a fault of his. My life is super changeable just now and it didn’t feel like the right time. It was with a heavy heart I gave him back. He was so fun and beautiful to ride.

Ghillie ♥️

It’s a recurring theme for me it would seem- that it’s never the right time. It was the same when I had my youngster (Millie). This has been the case for me for a long time as I have juggled university, working part time and seeing to Bo. Right now, I go between wanting to go out and compete/ have fun with a horse and wondering whether I want to take a break.

Throwback- Millie

Deep down, I know I love horses. It’s etched in me like stone. I think it’s just with planning to emigrate with my fiancé it makes everything temporary and so I can’t really move forward with either decision until we’re settled. I’m really excited about our future though, it’s a big year for us as we’re getting married and planning a major move.

Who knows what will happen. Maybe we’ll get settled and I’ll feel the need to get another horse quite quickly after moving to make it feel more like home, or maybe I’ll be content to take a break and do other things (though I do question what I would do with all that time but the option sounds quite intriguing).

Time will tell.

Back to the now: Bo has been a little unwell as he had a cough and inflamed lungs a couple of weeks ago. We had to get the vet out because he was resembling a rumbling train at times and he got some medication. He’s slowly on the mend now which I am grateful for. He’s still coughing now and again but he’s heaps better which is great.

The Bo Pony

It’s a shame because he was so fit before that and now I’m going to have to ease him back in again. No matter. What’s important is that he is feeling more like himself again and he can get back to pottering out on jolly little hacks.

Anyhow, that’s the pony life update. Back to one horse. Said horse is on the mend. Future is looking both bright and scary (the good kind) at the same time. Decision on whether I would like to get another horse or not is pending until we land on Aussie soil.

Happy horsing!

2 Replies to “Pony Life Updates”

  1. I did not ride from age 19 to age 49. I moved from Canada to England and life, career etc took over. When Ihad moved back to Canada and had a family my daughter started to ride and I came back to horses and riding. Don’t worry if you have a gap with your move you can start up again any time and you will be amazed at how familiar and wonderful it is to be around horses again.


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