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Here at BBequines, I believe that the relationship you have with your horse should be at the centre of all your training. To me, it should be a relationship of mutual trust and respect, where both human and horse are listened to. Quite often building this relationship involves slowing down and simply noticing.

BBequines is currently transitioning from a training blog to an online training journey of me and my young Welsh Section D, Bryni. I post monthly updates on our progress as well as other relevant life updates. I will also post about the other horses I ride/ work with too.

Additionally, you can follow along with my horses’ journeys and how I train them. You can find more about the BBEquines here.

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Disclaimer- any information recited in this blog is either gained through my own experience or through appropriate sources which will be suitably referenced in due course. I do not claim to know everything or advocate the only way with horses. What I know is my way, and I’m always open to new understandings.