• Name: Fronarth Rambo
  • Age: 21 (D.O.B- 8.5.2001)
  • Breed: Welsh Section D
  • Height: 14.2hh

I have had Bo since he was 12 years old. When I first got him, Bo could be quite the handful when he wanted to be. For a long time, he refused to canter without bucking (no pain issues or anything, just pure cheek), he spooked ALOT and was very difficult to catch in the summer. Despite all that, he was still so loveable.

There have been times where this boy has had me in tears and at my witts end but I have always persevered with Bo because he really is such a kind boy- even though he is quite tricky.
Bo is a timid horse and I spent a long time building his confidence in me, it did take him a while to come to trust me but it was so worth the journey. We took some time to find each others buttons and now we are completely on the same page. I could never replace such a special horse, he really is one of a kind and I trust him with my life (now!).

He is the reason I have become so interested in creating positive relationships with horses and I have experimented a lot with my own training methods with Bo. This has allowed me to really define my own training skills and create my own methods. With Bo I have learned about the important elements of groundwork and we experimented with liberty work too. Overall, Bo is the muse for the content provided in this blog.

Over the years we have done a little bit of everything, from cross country to showjumping to liberty work. He is my heart horse and has taught me so much.

Bo lives in Scotland with my mum (she looks after him) because I now live in Queensland, Australia. He is retired in the field and loving life. I will still post updates on him though these will most likely be over on my Instagram @bbequines.

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