About Me

My name is Beth. I am a 27 year old equestrian, originally from Scotland, though now I live in Queensland, Australia. I have the pleasure of owning two lovely Welsh Section D’s. I have Bo, my older boy who turned 21 years old this year and I have Bryni, who is almost 2 years old. I also work with Echo, a chestnut thoroughbred who I train a couple times a week.

My horse journey has been an interesting one and over the years I have worked with many different types of horses.

I started riding when I was around 7 years old after begging my mum. From then, I took riding lessons at a local riding school and spent a lot of time at my best friends’ field growing up. Her mum often bought many different kinds of horses and I got to sit on a lot of them so I became quite versatile.

By the time I was around 11 years old, I loaned my first pony- Barney- who was a super feisty, but loveable, 13.2hh pony.

After loaning him for over a year, I got my very first horse- Laurie. She was a thoroughbred and was a rescue. She was underweight and she had an upper respiratory tract issue when we bought her. Once we nursed her back to good health, she was too much of a handful for me. I was scared to even take her to the field because she bolted when you got in the field and she reared and flared at you too. I was really young and she was just too difficult for me so eventually I had to make the hard decision to sell her on.

From then on, I had multiple loan ponies/ horses over the years. Eventually, I found Bo.

I also went to an agricultural college for a couple of years, furthering my knowledge on horse care and management as well as improving my riding and confidence vastly. On the side of this, I took part in a course on Equine Behaviour Consultancy because I love the behavioural side of working with animals, especially horses.

I started this blog in December 2019 as an online journal of my equestrian life. Though I still provide life updates about my horses, the blog has transformed into an equestrian training blog, providing resources, training tips and advice in respect to building positive relationships with horses and dealing with common behavioural issues.

For more updates on the daily life with Bo, Bryni and Echo, check out my instagram @bbequines.

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