Get Fit For Summer- Day 1

Today marks the first day of the Easter Holidays and I am super excited to get Bo fit for summer. I want to have a really fun summer with Bo this year and do some jumping just for fun (very low level as he is arthritic so we’ll only be jumping tiny fences), hack further afield and a friend and I were discussing loading up our horses and taking a trip up to the Isle of Skye in the summer for a week. We’ll definitely need to be fit for all of that and with about 12-13 weeks until the summer holidays, now is an important time to get cracking!

We’re starting with hacks in walk. Bo has maintained a low level of fitness by being out in the field consistently and has worked now and again over winter so I’m not concerned about the length as long as it is low impact. We enjoyed a lovely hack in the sunshine today- what a mood booster it is! Last time, Bo was an absolute potato to ride but today he was a nice even spice- forward but not too spicy. We also sported our Mink Le Mieux set today.

I’m planning to do the same tomorrow as it’s supposed to be another beautiful day which I’m very thankful for. ☀️

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