Name: Andelain Lady of the Lake
Age: 1 year 11 months (D.O.B- 11.9.2020)
Breed: Welsh Section D
Height: 14hh

Bryni is the most recent addition to BBequines. She is here with me in Queensland. She is very different to Bo, though they are the same breed. Bryni is pretty laid back and chilled about life though she is also quite sassy!

Her old owner had her since she was 8 months old and she has taken a lot of time to work on groundwork with her since then. Bryni has a good foundation already though she has not been over-faced.

My plan for Bryni is to do a little bit of eventing. Bryni comes from a performance line of section D’s and has lovely movement which will make her a fluid ride in dressage. I’m looking forward to our ridden career but I am also excited to continue her groundwork education and to train her at liberty.

I post regular updates on Bryni on my instagram @bbequines.

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