The Brooke Charity- Bulo’s Story

Did you know there are 100 million working horses, donkeys and mules all over the world!? @thebrookecharity is an international charity that protects and improves the lives of these animals. Please do check out their work and give them a follow!

Here’s the story of one of these working horses…

I recently received my ‘Winter News’ from the Brooke Charity and I very much enjoyed pouring over the pages and learning about all the progression that has happened thanks to Brooke.

One story which stuck with me was ‘The Best Care For Bulo’. Bulo the horse had become sick and his owner naturally thought he would need to take him to a traditional healer.

This is quite common place in Ethiopia as lots of owners of working horses and donkeys just simply don’t have the knowledge on how to keep their animals healthy.

Bulo had infected wounds and a bad cough and so was unable to work. This had a huge effect on his owner, meaning he lost his daily income as he depended on Bulo each day.

Luckily, Bulo’s owner remembered about Brooke and the awareness they raised of animal welfare. Bulo’s owner then took him to the vet and Bulo recovered (from strangles) and is back helping his family.

I think this story is important on so many levels as it really shows the value of raising awareness of vital issues. I am a primary school teacher and so I know first hand how education really is at the heart of everything- and it showed in the case of Bulo.

If you would like to, and can, you could offer a small donation to the charity as it helps them to continue to raise awareness, provide training and promote advocacy in communities who love and depend on their animals, but need help in understanding how to care for them.

Happy Horsing!


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