Liberty Challenge!

Recently, I haven’t really known what to be doing with myself. I had set the goal at the start of the year to buy another horse to compete on, but being completely open and honest, when my partner and I looked into costs of moving out, I realised that I couldn’t afford another with Bo.

It was a tough moment for me and many tears were shed because I felt like (and I still do feel this way sometimes) the dream is gone. Realistically though, it’s not gone, I just have to make sure I am in the appropriate situation to be able to be comfortable. Buying a horse is a huge commitment in many ways and I am lucky enough to already have Bo.

So I have been wondering what on earth I can focus on. You see, Bo and I get bored. We get fed up doing the same thing. I then came across a course by Elaine Heney- an Irish horsewoman who runs “Listening to the Horse”. It has 11 lessons based on building a relationship with your horse through groundwork and liberty. Bo and I have some experience with liberty and groundwork, though I thought it would be helpful to follow through a course which has some fresh ideas to boost things a little.

I am now signed up and ready to start and I’d like to share my journey with you. I will post regular updates on our progress as we work through the lessons both here and over on my instagram @bbequines.

With the course you get a free 30 day planner also which I have printed out to keep track and I will share some updates on that as I work through the program!

Let’s see how we get on! I am setting this as a challenge for Bo and I to get us through these dull winter months and to have some fun. If the course is something you would like to look into, click here, and you can join in on the Liberty Challenge too.

We have already started lessons 1-3 which are really small but meaningful to provide the foundation. It’s helping me to slow down!

Happy Horsing!


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