The Pandemic Effect

I recently read an article in a horse magazine all about how the lockdown was experienced by horsey people when it was announced on the 23rd of March this year. Consequently, I thought I would write a little post to do the same. It will be interesting to look back on this next year when hopefully the world is in a better place.

This has been a crazy year, right? Everyone has been affected by the virus and lockdowns in some way or another. For me, I was very thankful every day to have Bo in my life.

When lockdown was announced, I was at my partners house with his parents. My mum hadn’t been feeling well and so it was best for me to stay at my partners. That’s what I did for the full of lockdown.

Luckily, my partners house is just down the road from my own and the yard is in the middle so it was easy for me to still go to the yard to feed Bo.

I decided to turn Bo out full time as it was easier because we were only allowed two on the yard at a time and you only had an hour slot before the next livery was arriving.

This did create a lot of tension as some people were staying longer than others, some were not communicating their intentions which left everyone else waiting and it also meant those of us who ride we’re getting a little cranky.

Eventually, when things started to ease, I managed to work out a routine where I could ride Bo and so I was riding about 4 or 5 days a week. We hacked, we schooled and Bo’s fitness came on leaps and bounds!

I know a lot of people struggled with mental health issues over lockdown but for me, Bo saved me. I always had seeing him to look forward to and it got me out of the house which reduced the cabin fever. Not everyone had such a good experience of lockdown so I’m thankful that mine was actually more enjoyable than I’d have thought. That’s not to say it wasn’t difficult at times. There were days where I felt like all I did was walk circles around the house- kind of like a horse box walking because of lack of turnout. I’m used to coming and going a lot so when I couldn’t go out for as long and as often, it was a bit tricky!

In the end, I made it through. Who knows what 2021 will bring but let’s pray it’s better than 2020!

How was your lockdown experience?

Happy Horsing!


3 Replies to “The Pandemic Effect”

  1. At the beginning of our lockdown all the stables ( yards) were only open to staff but no owners. So my coach could ride my horse but I could not go to the barn at all. Then in June golf courses and riding stables were opened. We had scheduled times when we could be at the barn. I took to doing all my grooming and tacking up in my horse’s stall as that would free up the one grooming /wash stall allotted to boarders, for the person who was in the same time slot as me. My horse really liked this as he could be eating hay while getting groomed. Since all shows were cancelled it gave us a chance to work on training and that has been a real plus. Like you having a horse has saved my sanity. Stay safe and stay well!


    1. I find it fascinating to hear about others’ experiences of the lockdown, and now we head into another! I wonder what that will bring!
      Take care and have a merry christmas!


      1. Happy Christmas to you too. This time our lockdown is allowing owners of horses to go to the barn and also to ride. That is the best Christmas present!


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