Non-Horsey Story time: I got married!

Hello, and welcome back to the blog!

Today I wanted to share some exciting news that has absolutely nothing to do with horses for a change; on Saturday 26th February 2022 I got married to the most wonderful man.

My now husband and I were high school sweethearts and in May last year he proposed. It’s therefore been a relatively short engagement in wedding terms but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

We got married in a beautiful venue in Bearsden, Glasgow (Scotland) and the wedding was a cross between Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella. The venue brought in the Beauty and the Beast vibes with its golden candelabra’s and old-worldly charm. I brought in the Cinderella vibes through my princess dress and tiara.

I was most nervous about walking down the aisle (for fear of falling) and in case I messed up the vows but I needn’t have worried. My dad got me down that aisle with no issues and our interfaith minister was incredibly talented at putting people at ease, as well as involving our guests in our ceremony. He surprised us half-way through by pulling out a guitar and singing a beautiful song which got everyone clapping and singing- it was magical. Before we knew it, we were pronounced man and wife, and off we toddled down the aisle again to the sound of the bagpipes. Overall, the ceremony was cosy, intimate and really just perfect.

It was then onto photos and I must say the Scottish weather was relatively kind to us- the rain stayed off but it was cold and windy which meant there will absolutely be some windswept photos but I don’t care. I loved every minute.

The speeches came next and they were amazing. I have such wonderful people in my life and I could feel the intention behind every sentence. I felt very blessed by what they all said.

Dinner then followed. I always think the food at mass events is never that great but I must say it was delicious and the guests all said the same. I enjoyed people watching at this point and noting everyone who was chatting and laughing. The slowness centred me and it was lovely to take in the day.

After dinner, we got some more photos in the dark which look magical. I am most excited to see these! The cake cutting followed and I was sad to cut such a beautiful cake! It had 4 tiers- chocolate on the bottom, then vanilla, toffee fudge and red velvet on the top. I have since eaten this in large quantities.

The first dance was next and I did this in my wedding dress before changing into a smaller and more manoeuvrable evening dress. Our song was ‘How about Forever’ by Zach Berkman. The words in this song are just incredible. I was bursting with love.

We pretty much had a second first dance too, though not intentionally. By the time I came back down from getting changed, the band was playing Dancing Queen and it was the most perfect timing. My husband and I got another experience of a dance with everyone clapping and singing around us.

The rest of the night was filled with dancing and chatting and just enjoying ourselves.

I felt like a child all day. I was excited by everything and it was so much fun. I was also so proud of my dad, my husband and the best man for their incredible speeches. The whole day just felt absolutely soaked in meaning and love. I wish I could to it all over again!

I’m now looking forward to this weekend because my husband and I are having a photoshoot with Bo at the place where my parents got their wedding photos taken. For this, I will be wearing my evening dress so’s not to scare Bo with the size of my main dress! He is a welsh afterall- you never can tell what they will have a meltdown over!

I’ve wanted this photoshoot for so long with my wonderful husband and my heart horse. It will also be amazing to take these photo’s to Australia when we move (in a matter of weeks now!) and keep them forever.

Happy Horsing!

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