Winter Morning Routine 2021

Things have been a little different recently because I have been working from home Tuesday to Friday every week as schools have switched to online learning. I only go into school on a Monday to support the key workers children and other vulnerable children so on a Monday, it is the same routine, I just tend to go to the yard a little earlier to give myself more time to get ready to actually leave the house.

From Tuesday to Friday I tend to follow the same routine and then on the weekends its just whatever I feel like really. I might do a post on my weekend routine at a later date.

For now though, here is my Winter Morning Routine 2021.

5:45AM- Get to yard, fuss over ponies and give them their breakfasts.

5:50AM- While the boys are eating, I fill up Bo’s water bucket and take down his haynets. If I’m seeing to Charly as well (I see to him when my mum is working) then I’ll change out his water/ nets as well.

6AM- Change Bo’s rug from his stable rug(s) to his outdoor one. Then I turn the boys out. The field can feel like a bit of a trek and so usually it does take around 15 minutes. Bo doesn’t seem to have much need for speed these days and so is a bit of a dilly dally.

6:15AM- Start mucking out. Bo is on straw bedding with a shavings base. I find the combination works well and I’m so lucky that he is actually quite clean and so is quick to muck out.

6:25AM- Tie up nets and sweep up. If you have seen my Winter Time Saving Tips post last week, you will know that my nets are filled at the weekend so it’s just a case of tying them up on workdays.

6:30AM- If everything has gone to plan and I have all of the above completed, I then sort out Bo’s feed for that evening and the following morning. Usually, I have a weeks worth of feed (the dry stuff) made up and it’s just a case of pouring them into wider buckets (Bo prefers the low, flat buckets) ready for my fast fibre to be added later that evening.

6:35AM- Leave the yard and go home to get ready for the day.

What’s your morning routine with your equines?

Happy horsing!


One Reply to “Winter Morning Routine 2021”

  1. My horse is at a boarding barn so the barn staff feed at 7am and then turn out at 8. The horses are out till about 12:30 and then come in. It is very cold here and there is no water in the paddocks. So they cannot stay out too long. While they are out the staff much out the stalls, put in fresh shavings if necessary and then put hay into the stalls. There are only two horses who have nets. Mine is one of them. They then sweep the aisles and start turning in the horses.


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