Rekindling a child-like magic in horses

Hello, and welcome back to the blog. It has been a while… yet again! Wow, how life gets in the way.

I have recently been watching ‘Free Rein’ on Netflix and listening to Joanna Thurman-Baker and Evelina Shrieve’s new podcast ‘That’s Lame’ and it has made me reflect on where I am currently in respect to my life with horses.

‘Free Rein’ is definitely a tween girl pony-programme, but I love it! All the little dramas and the sheer love for horses, ugh it’s just so heartwarming. The podcast is like having a conversation with horsey friends just about all things horses and girls! Both the tv show and the podcast have rekindled a kind of child-like appreciation of horses. Although, the more I have thought about it, the more I was saddened to realise that it has been so long since I felt that sense of excitement about going to the yard or going on an outing, or even just grooming my horse.

Obviously, I have had a huge life shift in moving to Australia and trying to settle into life here, so that has to be taken into account. But, I just don’t think I’ve felt that child-like excitement or magic about going to the horses since I got here. Usually, I am rushed and I get the feeling that I should be ‘doing something more worthwhile’ with my time when at the yard, like working for my crazy job or getting the food shop or cleaning our apartment.

I think the last time I felt like I had childlike magic and fun was when I did the cross country training with Bo. It was such a fun day and it was a reminder of why I loved horses in the first place. I had wonderful friends back home who I could share the experiences with and I had a fun, loving and cheeky horse. I miss Bo so very much- there is never going to be another who could replace his spot in my heart.

I think a large part of why I feel a little lost with it all now is that I don’t have the same community, routine and even the same horse as I did before.

However, in an effort to get back on track, to re-kindle the child-like magic and get some enjoyment out of horses again, I now feel it is time to try to bring Bryni into some kind of work and routine. She is now approaching 2 and a half years old, and she’s had the majority of 6 months to just chill out in the field. I think it would be useful for her to do some liberty basics and some more groundwork basics to build her up to being backed.

A recap on leading at a respectable distance, stopping when I stop and backing up as I step back.

Bryni is pretty good with leading but could use some work on the stopping and backing up. I’d like for her to hook onto me a little more and to be a little more fluid and sharp with her reactions.

Lots of grooming at liberty and tie up practice

We have done this before and she is super good at liberty grooming- she seems to really enjoy that. Tying up she is also much improved so really this goal is just in place to maintain what we have already.

Chopping the mane!

Sadly, Bryni has Sweet-Itch and so her mane and tail at the moment are super itchy. I want to chop off her mane to start it growing again more evenly and with having it shorter, it makes it easier for me to lather in lotions and potions to help relieve the itch.

Desensitizing (especially around head area/ mane area)

I’ve noticed that since I got Bryni, she is quite sensitive around her head/ mane area. There was also a random point where she decided she didn’t like the headcollar going on, which I’m not 100% on what happened, but my guess is it was something to do with a farrier visit when I was not there and she’s been like that since. I’d like to try to combat these issues throughout the month.

So, here’s to being more positive and rekindling the child-like magic that comes with loving horses and ponies and having fun with them!

Happy Horsing!

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