Why I chose to buy a young horse

Hello, and welcome back to the blog!

I have an exciting post to share today… I got my new horse! She is just beautiful, inside and out and I can’t wait for our journey together.

I have wanted to buy another horse for quite a few years now but I was never in the position to get one back home. Then my husband and I moved to Australia so it has taken some time to settle into the lifestyle here. But, she was absolutely worth the wait.

I was a bit sceptical as to what kind of horse I wanted to get. Both a young horse to bring on myself and an older, more established horse appealed to me but the breed I wanted has always been a Welsh Section D. My horse Bo is a Welsh Section D and I absolutely adore him and the breed. They are definitely a love-hate breed though and not everybody’s cup of tea. Personally, I love their cleverness and their sharp minds.

So I had been looking at horse advertisements for a while to try to figure out what I wanted. An older horse meant I could ride straight away but many of the horses I enquired about had certain issues (he’s quite spooky, he pig-roots sometimes etc). I remembered a saying from someone (can’t think who it was) and they said that if you buy an older horse you are quite often buying someone else’s problem. I know this is not the case for every older horse because sometimes you can land a lovely older horse that is good to go, but quite often they have baggage that you have to work through. I was absolutely prepared to do it though and I even had a potential horse in the works.

That is, until I saw my horse advertised. I kept up with the adverts daily and it was early on Sunday 14th August that I checked and saw a Welsh D filly. She had been advertised just the evening before. We went out that day to see her and I was sold. A week later and here she is:

I have named her Bryni (in keeping with the ‘B’ names for BBequines). She is almost 2 years old and she is a Welsh Section D. She is standing around 14hh just now but she should make around 14.2hh/14.3hh. Her owner has done a lot of work with her, but managed to find a great balance to not over-face her so Bryni is quite strong in her groundwork. She is bold, laid back and gentle. She is unlike the typical Welsh D! I always wonder how much of a handful Bo would have been at her age, I’ve landed lucky because she is very relaxed for a D!

She is also more of a performance bred D so she will make a great all rounder. Maybe we’ll get out and do some eventing when she’s older! Who knows! That’s the beauty of a young horse, the opportunities are endless.

Ultimately, I decided that although I need to wait to ride her, she would be worth it in the long run. I know exactly what I’m getting with her and I can mould her into a lovely horse. I love groundwork and liberty work and having a young horse is a great opportunity to improve my skills.

I’m looking forward to continuing her education and producing her all the way. It has long since been a dream of mine to produce a horse all the way but I have never been able to make it work before for a variety of reasons. I’m very grateful to now be in the position to have such a lovely young horse and for that dream to have come true.

Welcome to BBequines Bryni! 😊

Happy Horsing!

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