New share horses!

Hello, and welcome back to the blog!

Once again, things got busy and my blogging went out of the window, but that’s ok. This move has been a huge transition for me and I am only starting to find my feet now. Things have moved along a little since I last posted.

I still haven’t got my own horse yet, but I was looking into agistment (which is what Australians call livery/ boarding) and it was proving to be difficult. I was really concerned that I wasn’t going to be able to find anywhere to keep a horse and so obviously no place to keep a horse means no horse.

I went to a viewing at one place and was surprised at the quality of it. The people seemed lovely but the paddocks had no grass and my potential horse would be living in a paddock alone. I very much believe that a happy horse is one that is in an environment which is natural for them, and so I wanted to find a place where my horse would have companionship.

I then found another place, closer to where we live now, and things started looking up. The lady who runs the place is lovely and she has many of her own horses that she introduced me to. She said I can keep my horse alone in one of the paddocks, or I can keep it in the bigger field with her horses in a herd. I much preferred this and so I agreed to start paying agistment while I look for a horse. She very kindly offered me the opportunity to ride some of her horses while I look.

Now, I have arranged to go twice a week and she has paired me up with two of her mares (information to come on these girls soon!). They are called Moonshine and Echo. I am so excited to be able to get back into the saddle again.

For a while there, I seemed to have given up hope that I would be able to get back into horses and it is reassuring that I am getting more involved again. Im grateful to have found this place and to have been given this opportunity.

I’m looking forward to getting back into the saddle more consistently and to regain some of my skills. It has been a long time since I have rode ‘properly’. I think the last time I rode that involved more than a plod down the lane was back when Bo and I went to cross country with my two best friends. That was way back in August 2021! I feel like I have lost some tone, balance and confidence in myself recently just simply because I haven’t ridden in so long.

My dreams have been clouded over recently too and I am glad that they are now coming back to life and re-affirming. I’m remembering why I moved here in the first place and I’m hoping for an exciting future both in buying my next horse and eventually transitioning to building BBequines into my own business. It’s a big goal, but why not?

Anyway, this post is really an update post and I hope to get back to posting more regularly on this blog (feel like I keep saying that then not doing it?). It should be better now given I am actually getting physically involved with horses again.

Updates on Moony and Echo to come soon, and I’m hoping to start my search for my new horse. I already have a potential one lined up to go view in a month or so!

Happy Horsing!

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