Story Time: A Dreamy Trip

Usually, I like to post some form of informative post on my blog but this week I felt inspired to talk about a day I had as it really provoked some deep thoughts and feelings in me.

At the weekend, I went with my friend to visit a yard 2 hours away as she is looking for a new horse. The yard breeds Welsh Section D’s which is the same breed as Bo. I absolutely adore the breed and after the visit, I have found I love them even more!

The lovely lady who runs the yard showed us around her place and introduced us to all of her horses, not even just the ones for sale. They were incredible. There were a mix of ages and mares/ geldings and I think I loved every single one! What was lovely to see was that they were so well cared for, loved and comfortable in their lives. There was one in particular who I clicked with and his name is Arrogan (he is the featured image of this post!)

He is an interesting little character. He is only two years old and probbaly stands at aorund 14.2hh/ 14.3hh already. When we first went into his field, he was a bit standoffish (as welshies can be!) but over time he ventured over to where we stood.

He spent some time just standing next to me before he was brave enough to reach out and touch me. Eventually when we were on touching terms, I figured out he liked his chin being rubbed and so I scratched that for a while but when I went to go further up his head or neck he would step back as if to say “no no, too much”. It was an interesting chat we had and it reminded me of why I love young horses. I love how curious they are about the world but they are also cautious. I also love the quick progress you can make if you take the time to listen to them- this is the case with any horse I suppose but it is perhaps more apparent with younger ones.

I really took to this little horse and if I wasn’t moving away, I would definitely consider something like him as my next horse (or I’d just have him if I’m honest!). He’s exactly what I would be looking for.

The trip also highlighted to me that Welsh D’s are definitely my breed. They are so versatile and hot and quirky all at the same time. It’s pretty much decided now that for my next horse, I will look for one of this breed!

It did also remind me of what I really want, of what my dream life looks like. That’s a whole other post but to sum it up I want an equestrian life. A life where I wake up excited to work with horses and to see their progress. A quiet life that is more horse based than people based. One which I can build a reputation from by engaging with my passion.

I guess for now I will stick to teaching but maybe one day…

Happy Horsing!

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