My plans for Bo this year

I plan to have a super fun year this year with Bo because my partner and I have plans to move away next year which means he will be staying here with my mum to retire. I’m hoping I’ll have someone to ride him now and again, just to keep him ticking over, but this will be the last year that I will really get to spend a Summer with Bo. It’s a difficult thought and it won’t be easy to leave him but it’s something I need to do with my partner.

For a while, I feel I’ve almost distanced myself from Bo emotionally because I know I’m leaving but it was just making me miserable. Instead, I’ve decided to make the most of the time we have this year and have some fun.

Getting Fit

Getting fit is the first thing we need to do before any fun stuff. Bo has been out in the field consistently all winter- I’m not someone who stables horses 24/7- and so he has maintained a low level of fitness, as well as popping out hacks now and then too.

I’ve given myself about 10-12 weeks to get Bo up to a decent level. 12 weeks is generally the amount of time you would give if you are increasing the fitness in an eventer and though obviously Bo isn’t an eventer, he is still 20 this year and taking my time will only benefit him. I’ve committed myself to ‘getting fit for summer’ and I’m looking forwards to getting started.


This was a goal I had for this year and I intend to follow it through. We are entering the E-Riders ‘Fun Class’ for April which is due the end of the month. It’s just an Intro test but it’s something to focus on when we are in the school. The video is due to be sent away at the end of this month so we’re going to school weekly- just in walk and trot- and re-focus on our basics; transitions, accuracy and circles.


Bo loves to jump and we haven’t done it in so long because I’ve been so worried about it hurting him. Really though, a little cross-pole now and again will be good for his mind because he loves it, so I’m hoping we can do a little bit of fun jumping over summer- nothing serious and very low impact, of course.

Isle of Skye

My friend and I were talking and, depending on price, we might take the horses up to the Isle of Skye for a week for a change of scenery and some beautiful hacking. I’ve always wanted a horsey- holiday and one where I can take my own horse sounds perfect. It may or may not happen but it’s an option!


I’m hoping that with increased fitness, we can hack a little further afield and make it more interesting. The immediate hacking where I am is not the best, but there are some places we can go to that are more interesting, but fitness is key.

What are your plans this year for your horse?

Happy Horsing!

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