Say hello to Harry

If you follow my instagram- @bbequines – you will see I have started to ride a lovely little horse called Harry. I have known Harry for a long time- I used to ride him when I was about 15 or 16 years old and he was 5. Somehow, 10 years later we have ended up together again, which is quite nice to think about.

This was Harry when he was 5 years old.

So, Harry is a Welsh Section D X Thoroughbred. He is 15hh high which is absolutely a perfect height for me. He is now 16 years old but he has barely done anything in his life, so really his mileage is so low he is probably more equal to an eight or ten year old horse. Luckily, he did have a good foundation in the beginning so now I am working on reminding him of everything he knew before.
He has had a couple of loans throughout his life but he really just hacked. Though he did go to a showing show a couple of years ago and came out as champion- he is a handsome boy after all!
He has a fantastic character which is what really draws me to him. With being part Welsh, there is a cheekiness and mischievous side to him which is great fun. Then, with the more thoroughbred brain, he has a good work ethic and reasonable athletic ability. It makes for a really lovely, well rounded (physically and mentally!) little horse.

This is Harry now.

My plan for Harry is first to get him fit. He is EXTREMELY fat and unfit with such inconsistent work. Once we are fit though, I would hope to do some prelim dressage in spring and perhaps even some novice. At the same time, it would be nice to get some jumping in there too as he is so bold. Perhaps some show jumping and cross country- low key of course as I primarily lean toward dressage.

We are only on week two of Harry’s fitness programme so that really consists of riding every second day and hacking out. Slow and steady is how we are working just now to help build that basic fitness. As a school teacher, I have the October holidays next week and the following week and so I plan to do quite a bit of hacking and then hopefully we can start some very careful and basic schooling again- even if it is just out on hacks to begin with.

I do have my own horse too at the same time- Bo. He is my little heart horse but he is getting on in life and can’t do quite as much as he used to. He is enjoying some field time and his riding has been cut down to a couple of times a week which he seems to be enjoying, rather than working as consistently as Harry is able to. He is still, as always, my special boy <3.

Bo ❤

So, that is my introduction to Harry and a little update of where we are just now! Let’s hope we can trim some of the porky-pie-ness from Harry’s belly soon!

Happy Horsing!


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