The Magic of Doing Nothing

My my, it has not been a productive pony week. Otherwise, things actually have been quite productive, I’m on top of my studies and I’m feeling organised but Bo and I just haven’t done much this week.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t really know what to be doing with him but then I think, do we have to be doing anything?

Bo is 18 now, he does have a bit of arthritis and I was reminded of this when I lunged him last week and he was extremely stiff. I seem to only feel productive with him if I’m working him 3 or 4 times a week when in actual fact, he doesn’t care and he’s at a point in his life where he’s happy doddling about.

Bo is also happy in his routine; he gets out in the morning, brought in at night, brushed, given sweeties and cuddles and he’s completely content with that. He does like going out for a hack now and again, it lifts his mood and breaks the monotony of his daily routine, but otherwise he’s settled and happy.

I think in the horse would we get caught up doing things that we forget that sometimes it’s nice to just be and do nothing. Sometimes it’s nice to just brush your horse without having to ‘work’ them, or sit with your horse without asking anything of them.

I’ve noticed Bo likes to follow me around the yard as I work. He’s interested in spending any time with me, getting a scratch and a bit of love without actually doing anything more, and I need to appreciate that more.

Happy Horsing!


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