Goals for 2020

Bo and I have been together for a long time. I’ve had him since he was 12 years old and he is now 18! I can never quite believe my little horse is this age, though it is not as if he acts it!
Just the other day I was saying how he has mellowed out but when I rode on a hack for the first time in a while, he was as spicy as he was when he was 12!

Now that I have sold my young horse on and just have Bo, I’d like to move forwards with him and have a productive year together, so here are our goals for 2020:

1. Regain fitness
Before we actually do anything at all, Bo and I both need to regain our fitness as we have come to resemble a couple of potatoes. This last year I was so focussed on my young horse that Bo and I didn’t do all too much, and I didn’t ride much either so January is definitely going to be mostly focussed on regaining some of our fitness.

2. Remember bitless Bo?
Because we have been so out of it for a while, lets just say Bo is a little bit rusty on the ol’ bitless riding. In fact, he thought it was perfectly alright to do a proper I’m-going-to-set-my-whole-self-against-you-trot across a busy bypass the other day… so yes, transitions, transitions, transitions.

3. Balance that canter
So once we have brakes again and our fitness is up, I’m going to work hard to get a balanced canter. Things have been so inconsistent recently that we have lost it a little, but I am certain we will bounce back .

4. HayGrazers E-Riders Dressage
Because I don’t have transport, online dressage seems like a good choice for Bo and I. We’ll still get dressed up in our matchy-matchy sets but without the stress or expense of travelling. We’re going to start nice and easy at Intro and just take it from there, once we crack our canter we’ll move up a bit. We’ll be at Grand Prix level by the end of the year… I’m sure of it!
(That was a joke, just incase you missed it).

5. Liberty
Despite all of the above, I do believe that there is much more to being passionate for horses than only riding. I love playing with Bo and we like to do a bit of liberty work. Again, this is something we haven’t done in a while but we will definitely get back into it. At present we don’t have an arena or anywhere to work, however on Saturday we move to a different yard so we can get going with the fun stuff again!

What are your goals for the New Year with your horse?

Happy Horsing!


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