Rambo Dailies

It was day 2 of riding Bo to get back into work and it did go well, we are only working in walk and trot for about 20 minutes and by that point he is quite puffed and lethargic. I feel like he is lacking in forwardness and I can’t quite work out why. Originally I thought it might have something to do with his arthritis as I know he has a touch but I have put him on Glucosamine with MSM as friends swear by it for joints/ inflammation but I haven’t seen too much of a difference. He does seem a bit happier though so maybe it is helping?
Alternatively, it could just be because he is unfit. The lockdown means I can’t hack out to increase his fitness so all I have is the arena at the moment. A few times a week I plan to go in for 20 minutes and build it up slowly, while simultaneously practicing some movements for the little intro test I plan to do on the 22nd April, online of course!
He’s such a handsome boy and today we put on our Le Mieux Sorbet headcollar, I’ve been saving it for spring!

Bo and I did some groundwork on the yard. My main aim was to teach him leg yield just from standing with the idea that we will progress to doing it in walk once he has the hang of it! He did really well though and seemed to enjoy the time spent!